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Sandy Nelson is an artist, certified creativity and life purpose coach, author, speaker and inspirational writer and maintains a coaching practice in the Minneapolis area where she works with clients worldwide. She’s been called Play Wizard because of her use of play as part of the creative process, in workshops, courses and webinars. “I believe that creativity is the essential element defining human character, linking soul to spirit,” says Sandy. “Exploring the relationship between art and the artist is a grand adventure.”

Sandy holds degrees in apparel design, studio arts and arts in education and is also a certified creativity and life purpose coach. 

She has won numerous awards for her art including National Endowment for the Arts and Minnesota Folk Arts Grant, and the first International Virtual Gallery. 

Her book Ask Power Questions: A Practical Guide to Help You Get What You Want in Business, Life and Friendship, is a compilation of many years helping people discover that the power of asking the right questions will help you reach success in life. She regularly blogs for Meet Your Muse and The Jennings Wire online magazine about the many facets of creating. She’s a contributor in Creativity Coaching Success Stories, and her writing has also been included in numerous magazines, e-zines and association newsletters.

Sandy’s artwork has been featured at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, in galleries and private collections.  “Creating brings me joy and helps me explore new worlds,” says Sandy. “Painting abstractions gives me the freedom to expose the unrefined elements I enjoy in nature and pair them with emotion.”

“My personal mission is ‘to make my life a playful celebration.”

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