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What Is The Most Important Question Of Your Day? How To Find The Answer

What’s the most pressing thing you have to do today that will give you the greatest benefit tomorrow? 

Knowing what you need to get done today, in spite of everything that will jump in front of your efforts is perhaps, the important half of the equation. If you don’t know what needs doing that is truly paramount to your success, you can’t know what to do next. I’m not referring to everything you need to accomplish, I mean the one thing you can do today that will help transform your efforts into victory.

How will you figure out what to prioritize?


Are You Showing the World Your Best Image?


Your distinctive presentation is more important now than ever.

Your first impression tells people a lot about you. Are you making the most of yours? It’s no longer acceptable for the artsy person to rely on implying that they are creative by being oddly out of step in words, dress or attitude. That just makes them odd. Is being the outlier your best personal identifier?

If you don’t accurately describe yourself, you leave yourself in the mercy of the rest of us to do so. 

What is the image that communicates how you do your best creating?


Warning: Explosion at Risk

Once in a while you have to do something that makes no sense.

At least to your logical mind. However for you creative mind this will feel like a long run, eating candy, yoga, or great sex! And if you don’t do it there will be serious consequences.

I imagine we came with a small tag that read: WARNING – person must play or they will explode!

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