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Using creativity is a hallmark of successful people. They know how to ask for what they want. They ask power questions.


In the world of coaching, questions are the fuel that ignite amazing changes. Now you can learn the secrets of every great coach. Questions get us what we want. Why not ask the best question you can? Creativity and the art world gave me the tools to grow beyond a difficult childhood. Overcoming abuse I honed observation skills and learned to ask important questions. In adulthood I was hit by a truck and survived a head injury. The struggle of healing became my opportunity to discover how to ask power questions. 


I wrote the book Ask Power Questions: A Practical Guide to Help You Get What You Want in Business, Life and Friendship, to give you clear information about what questions are and, how you can use them to your advantage. I developed The 17 Strategies to Formulate Power Questions that outline the skills to ask, and listen like an expert. The text is peppered with easy-to-understand formulas and simply explained techniques, and includes a ready-to -use appendix packed with thousands of power questions you can use to query in 45 different personal relationship categories. Each Chapter ends with a summary of power questions to help as a study guide, and to inforce what you’re learning through immediate application.

You navigate life through questions. If you want rich meaningful experiences, and profoundly purposeful life work, ask questions that truly matter. Ask Power Questions!

Buy your copy now and start getting what you want.

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