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“There is a light in each of us that is uniquely expressive."

"My goal through coaching is to inspire your authentic creative spirit, igniting a rainbow of creativity surrounding whatever you wish to create.”

Working with a creativity coach not only supports your creativity, but enhances the way you live, work and play. 

  • Is it time for you to master your creativity?

  • Are you confused about your next steps toward success?

  • Do you need help discovering the important questions that will help you get what you want? 

  • Are you looking for personal assistance to help you master your challenges?

  • Would you benefit from personal support while you take action to overturn your trials?

  • Is it time for you to enjoy living your rich potential?

"Sandy brings a combination of competence, resourcefulness, and lightness to everything she undertakes. Being with her is inspiring and laden with possibility! I always feel light after being in the sphere of Sandy's amazing energy!"

- Mary C

Are you ready to move your life, career, and relationships forward. Call now to schedule your appointment.

Sandy Nelson

Coaching can be by phone, Skype or in person (Minneapolis area only). I also offer group and executive coaching sessions.

Sandy is a Certified Coach and member of the Creativity Coaching Association

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