On this square canvas is a work representing the sparks of intuition exploding, and creating new ideas. Ideas change into others when they’re challenged by different elements. This painting reflects the energetic movement between evolving ideas. When I was a kid on a hot summer night. We used to chase fireflies at dusk. When darkness took over bats came out swooping low over our heads hunting mosquitoes. We’d duck, run and squeal with delight, lightning cupped tight in our hands. With each flash
This square canvas calls out the chaotic, sometimes miraculous networks that exist within our relationships to people, places and things. It represents the life-and-death cycle of touching and letting go, focusing on the moment of birth bursting with color and light. It calls forth emotions sensed as one moves through life grasping for the things that matter most. How do you sense your connections?
Northern Prairie
This painting captures a slice of the big sky open land sensation I felt while driving to through northern Minnesota and North Dakota. Prairie grasses and armies of puffed out clouds marched endlessly above me. For hours I held the sense of peace, serenity and well-being. In big sky open land I know I hold a place belonging to the whole, yet remain a miniscule part of the grand landscape. Where do you fit in your environment?
Sacred Stars
The paper canvas of this painting is round mounted on a square background. It represents the individual sparks that we all bring to the world — our uniqueness and brilliance. Living life presents each person with a series of cycles to grow and move through as life evolves forward. What unique characteristics make each person a shining star? What is your primary color? What do you radiate out to the world?
Gaia Eclipse
On a round paper canvas mounted on a square background, this painting represents the interworking movement of life. Time ticks and mechanisms move establishing a rhythmic pattern marked by momentary bursts of color. Pie shapes call forth the phases of human journey and the eclipsing maze represents the challenges one must meet. Is the pace at which you live your life serving you?
This is an impasto painting technique done by first layering pigment thickly across the surface and then using my fingers and palette knife to carve out the imagery. It's an intuitive approach. I feel my way into and through the painting process, and I'm not never quite sure what will emerge. For Goldfish I held the intention of water, movement and bright flashes of color reflecting. What does your energy reflect to those looking into your existence?
Coffee and Chocolate
For this technique I first texture my canvas with impasto and then pour pigments in layers, growing organic forms that represent the sensations I'm holding while painting. This painting represents the delight one feels sharing a good cup of coffee or tasting wonderful chocolate melting in your mouth. The detail calls to those private moments of enjoyment and deep satisfaction. Can you describe in detail the moments that totally fulfill you?
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