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Live in the Classroom Training – Get Your Story Out - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Get Your Story Out

January 19 & 26, 2019 from 10- 11:30 am.

Get Your Story Out is a workshop for entrepreneurs who need to tell their story to help clients and customers find them. It’s specifically designed for busy people and makes the job of creating written content simple.

As an independent business owner the most important thing you can do for your business is to get your story out. But to get your story out you have to write about yourself and what you do. You need your words for email communications, newsletters about your business, and published articles about your trade, advertising and marketing campaigns, social networks, and web sites.

Not a writer? I’m excited to invite you to register for my workshop Get Your Story Out. I’m going to teach the secrets I’ve learned about how to:

  • Gather the important facts about you, your business, and what both bring to the world.

  • And keep the writing process productive, creative, organized and fun.

  • Make your writing super easy with one devilish trick that makes capturing your words in your voice a snap!

In small business it is so important to get the word out about you and what your do, yet it is one of the most neglected aspects of entrepreneurs. And that’s sad because small businesses truly make the world work is so many ways. You’ll learn how to:

  • Make your time work for you

  • Learn a simple system to organize so you can Get Your Story Out

  • Capture and organize your stories - so they're easy to publish them when you need them


Get Your Story Out is a training that will help you break your work into smaller tasks and give you helpful tricks to make your writing easy and fun.  Just a few of the workshop perks:

  • How to make your efforts do double duty

  • Actual productive writing exercises

  • Content idea generators that will give you plenty to write about

  • Actual writing templates to use again and again

  • On site coaching

  • Immediate feedback from other small business owner

You have a good story. Are you ready to tell it?

Includes three hours of training, plus one hour individual coaching to help you implement your new writing skills (that's a $250 value by itself) - a $529.00 value all for $279.00.


Let's Get Your Story Out!

Live in the Classroom Training – Get Your Story Out - Minneapolis, Minnesota

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