Pest Control: Managing the Critics in Your Life

Pest Control: Managing the Critics in Your Life

Everyone must manage the criticism in their life, but learning the skills to do so can be tough to do. Now you can master the tools to manage those critics wherever they lurk and whenever they land a punch. It doesn’t matter if the critics are internal or external they can be silenced. 

Do you desire to take hold of the nitpickers in your life? 

  • Learn simple skills to identify your critics, and get the power tools to manage their criticism.

  • Discover how to turn criticism into useful feedback.

  • Find out why your internal gremlin can be an important ally.

  • Develop the powerful questions that call your gremlins and cheerleaders into the actions that serve you.


Stop getting bruised and take control of your critics. Sign up now and squelch those nasty voices!

Online training February 21, 2019 12-1:30 PM CDT

Pest Control: Managing the Critics in Your Life


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