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Pocket Power Cards

Pocket Power Cards


Want to know more about the purpose of your life?


Now you can have your own coach designed questions for daily inspirations.


  • Learn about what makes you special
  • Gain motivation to face challenges
  • Create the life you want with these personal conversation cards


Download Pocket Power Cards and start discovering things you never knew about your life.


Developed by Creativity and Life Purpose Coach Sandy Nelson to help you ask the power questions that create meaningful inner dialog inspiring you to reach for your unique life purpose and inspiring you to take creative action. Use these innovative cards for ideas, reflections, insights and motivation. Tuck them in your pocket or purse and randomly draw one a day and focus on its message. They can help you with journaling, self-growth, creative process, or just for fun! At the end of the month reshuffle and begin again to gain new perspectives.


Simply purchase, download, print, cut apart and choose one daily!


Ask the power questions that start your own coached inspirations and build a meaningful relationship with the most important person in your life - You!

Pocket Power Cards

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