The Art of Working with Questions

Many people chase their goals for lifetime and never find success. To succeed in your life you need to engage in a powerful quest.

Discover how you can:

  • Ask your best questions

  • Of the most valuable people

  • In effective and creative ways.


Special note: This training is for unique individuals who work with creativity, intuition, innovation and ideas; if you regularly engage people; or if your projects depend on answering the right questions, this course is for you.


Training includes:

  • Define what you truly want, and how to ask for it

  • Know the types of questions to help you get what you want every time

  • Learn how to get responses, not reactions

  • Develop powerful listening skills

  • Manage difficult dialogues

  • Gain insider coaching success secrets

  • Stop your hard work and missed opportunities.

  • Learn to use power questions and engage your creativity to enjoy your rewards!


Online training February 12 & 19, 2019 12-1:30 PM CDT


For more detailed information please feel free to email me direct at

The Art of Working with Questions


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