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Meet Your Muse Workshop and Speaking Topics by Sandy Nelson

All programs are customized for each audience, and many themes are interchangeable supporting multiple disciplines. Presentations provide training opportunities to learn techniques and develop skillsets, many with hands on exercises, which facilitate powerful experiential learning. Please contact Sandy to schedule, or to answer your questions:

Communications, Leadership, Career or Business

The Art of Asking Power Questions –Practical guidance revealing who, what, when, where, why and how of asking powerful questions. Discover useful tools to empower your communication and get what you want in this fast paced world.


Dialog Snatchers – We all deal with these pests. Don’t let them take control of your message. Discover the many types of questions, when and, how to use them to empower your greatest communication.


Mastering the Art of Listening – How you speak so others can hear you is the most important skill in the world of fast communication. Discover simple techniques and gain plenty of insight to master your skill of listening.


Creative Process and Creative Work


Easy Tips to Use Your Creativity Every Day – Being creative takes a lot of energy. It is real work. You have to show up and create even when you don’t feel up to the tasks before you. Five tips to help you stay inspired, because your creativity matters, and life will bring on distractions and challenges that can interfere with your ability to create. Also available as a download for purchase.


Pest Control: Managing the Criticism in Your Life – Everyone must manage the criticism in their life, but learning the skills to do so can be tough to do. Now you can master the tools to manage those critics wherever they lurk and whenever they land a punch. It doesn’t matter if the critics are internal or external they can be silenced. 


Organizing the Creative Personality – Creativity and chaos may be good pals - but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer disorganization. I’ve got real world answers to help you get yourself and your creativity in the right order. Find solutions and learn how you think, take action, gather and create order in the best way for you! Also available as a download for purchase.


Creativity and Inspiration


Monet’s Flowers, Renoir’s Olive Trees: Painting and the Impressionist Garden – Learn how you can plant your garden like the Impressionists. PowerPoint version walks you through the steps of design, choosing plants to inspire and personalize your own artistic garden.


Exploring the Art of Abstractionism – Abstract painting perspectives, techniques, brief history and the personality in the expression


How Do You Move to Create Your Masterpiece? The Qi of Your Creation – Learn techniques of body control and movement to enhance and protect your artistic expressions. Techniques for calling your energy and directing into your creation through posture, tai chi, qi gong, dance, yoga and breath work. 


The Magic of Fairy Gardening – Create tabletop magic planting miniature gardens. PowerPoint version walks you through the steps to design, plant and personalize your own fairy garden.


Shadow Painting – An easy water media technique using intuition to create imagery, rather than reason. Paint what you feel in your soul, not what your brain tells you to paint.


Training, Leadership and Teamwork


Top Strategies for Expert Communication – Learn to apply professional strategies for Q & A in any situation. Gain insightful understanding about how people navigate with questions and increase your leadership proficiency.


Permission to Play Now – Plato said one can learn more about a person in a half hour of play, than in a lifetime of conversation. Learn why you need to play and help you discover the many necessary benefits play brings to your health and wellbeing, how it will improve your work productivity, the clear cut ways you and other people actually play and how you can find the permission to play now.


How You Play for Profit and Productivity – Learning different personalities of play and what they need to perform, can enhance your output and income. Examples, exercises and techniques to incorporate the power of play in your project to maximize your success, and increase your fun!


Play More Stress Less – Learn the secrets of lowering your stress by playing more. Tips and techniques to put real playtime back in your life and improve your health and prosperity.   


Life Purpose and Personal Exploration


Becoming Resilient – It takes courage to create and resilience to keep creating. Methods and examples of life management for everyone who desires to lower their stress and live a creative life. Expanded version presented in a 16 week online course offered at DailyOM.


How Do You Play – Learn the many ways to play, their methods and benefits. Hands on exercises with real toys! Discover the techniques and personalities that identify how you and everyone else plays.


Live Your Dreams - Right Now! –Tackle that someday shelf and live now. We all have one or two places we pile up all that creative and fun stuff we want to do. Don’t wait another day. If your someday shelf is overflowing this is the workshop for you. Now you can get the gentle guidance to sort out and identify your important ideas, learn simple steps to take action on your creative pursuits, and get moving on those meaningful projects.


Power Tools for Self-empowerment – Stop feeling rushed, cranky and empty. Find your own magnificent power today and discover greater peace of mind, courage to let go, spiritual inspiration, a more positive attitude. Explore your own opportunities, challenges and successful strategies to help you gain your own Power Tools for Self-empowerment.


Why Create? – Discover the magic of engaging your creative muscle. Fill up on Sandy’s inspiration and supercharge your unique expression. If you’ve ever wanted to make something new, or already artistic, you’ll find the empowerment to enjoy the art of creating.


The Beauty of Your Age – It’s just a number, but it holds loads of power. Learn to claim the beauty of your spiritual age and live your life with meaning and purpose.

Creative Aging – Inspiring ideas, motivating action plans, playful tactics, and a bit of humor to enhance your third act and fill it with purpose filled days and meaning filled nights.

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