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Presenting an educational series on a variety of topics, these webinars offer a jam packed mini- conference that will give you the tools and techniques to help you reach success. Trainings are delivered in Sandy’s get-to-the-point style to maximize your schedule. Their easy online access make this series your convenient go to place to hone your own creative skills. Join my private list for immediate notification of my upcoming schedule.

Top Five Strategies to Ask Power Questions 

From the book Ask Power Questions: A Practical Guide to Get What You Want in Business, Life, and Friendship, coach Sandy shares some of her best strategies to help you formulate and ask your own power questions.


If you’re looking to enhance your leadership and communication skills, learn how to:


  • Ask Power Questions

  • Get responses, not reactions

  • Speak so people can hear you

  • Navigate great communication


Great for leaders, coaches, and anyone who relies on questions to engage people. If your success depends on asking the right questions you need to attend this webinar. 


Online training January 19, 2023 12-1:30 


Pest Control: Managing the Critics in Your Life
Everyone must manage the criticism in their life, but learning the skills to do so can be tough to do. Now you can master the tools to manage those critics wherever they lurk and whenever they land a punch. It doesn’t matter if the critics are internal or external they can be silenced. 

Do you desire to take hold of the nitpickers in your life? 

  • Learn simple skills to identify your critics, and get the power tools to manage their criticism.

  • Discover how to turn criticism into useful feedback.

  • Find out why your internal gremlin can be an important ally.

  • Develop the powerful questions that call your gremlins and cheerleaders into the actions that serve you.


Stop getting bruised and take control of your critics. Sign up now and squelch those nasty voices!

Online training February 21, 2023 12 - 1:30

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Live in the Classroom Training – Minneapolis, Minnesota


Get Your Story Out

April 20 & 27, 2023 from 10  - 11:30 

Get Your Story Out is a workshop for entrepreneurs who need to tell their story to help clients and customers find them. It’s specifically designed for busy people and makes the job of creating written content simple.

As an independent business owner the most important thing you can do for your business is to get your story out. But to get your story out you have to write about yourself and what you do. You need your words for email communications, newsletters about your business, and published articles about your trade, advertising and marketing campaigns, social networks, and web sites.

Not a writer? I’m excited to invite you to register for my workshop Get Your Story Out. I’m going to teach the secrets I’ve learned about how to:

  • Gather the important facts about you, your business, and what both bring to the world.

  • And keep the writing process productive, creative, organized and fun.

  • Make your writing super easy with one devilish trick that makes capturing your words in your voice a snap!

In small business it is so important to get the word out about you and what your do, yet it is one of the most neglected aspects of entrepreneurs. And that’s sad because small businesses truly make the world work is so many ways. You’ll learn how to:

  • Make your time work for you

  • Learn a simple system to organize so you can Get Your Story Out

  • Capture and organize your stories - so they're easy to publish them when you need them


Get Your Story Out is a training that will help you break your work into smaller tasks and give you helpful tricks to make your writing easy and fun.  Just a few of the workshop perks:

  • How to make your efforts do double duty

  • Actual productive writing exercises

  • Content idea generators that will give you plenty to write about

  • Actual writing templates to use again and again

  • On site coaching

  • Immediate feedback from other small business owner

You have a good story. Are you ready to tell it?

Includes three hours of training, plus one hour individual coaching to help you implement your new writing skills (that's a $250 value by itself) - a $529.00 value all for $279.00.


 Let's Get Your Story Out!


Don’t want to wait for a workshop? 
Get to the Point Chats with Coach Sandy - Instant downloads
Now you can enjoy a chat with me anytime, anywhere. Join me every week for an in depth chat on a specific topic. I’ll get to the point and break down the details explaining one tip per session. Every day for one week, I’ll lay out the information in 15-20 minutes and then answer a few questions. These sessions are pre-recorded and all replays will available for one week following the session. All you have to do is follow the link to listen.

5 Easy Tips to Use Your Creativity Everyday
Discover how you can navigate the obstacles and put your creativity into action. I’ve got the easy tips that will let you reap the benefits of using your creativity every day! 

Fee: $24.95


Organizing the Creative Personality
Creativity and chaos may be good pals - but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer disorganization. I’ve got real world answers to help you get yourself and your creativity in the right order. Find solutions and learn how you think, take action, gather and create order in the best way for you! 

Fee: $24.95

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The Art of Working with Questions

Many people chase their goals for lifetime and never find success. To succeed in your life you need to engage in a powerful quest.

Discover how you can:

  • Ask your best questions

  • Of the most valuable people

  • In effective and creative ways.


Special note: This training is for unique individuals who work with creativity, intuition, innovation and ideas; if you regularly engage people; or if your projects depend on answering the right questions, this course is for you.


Training includes:

  • Define what you truly want, and how to ask for it

  • Know the types of questions to help you get what you want every time

  • Learn how to get responses, not reactions

  • Develop powerful listening skills

  • Manage difficult dialogues

  • Gain insider coaching success secrets

  • Stop your hard work and missed opportunities.

  • Learn to use power questions and engage your creativity to enjoy your rewards!


Online training January 26, 2023 12 - 1:30


For more detailed information please feel free to email me direct at


Terms and conditions



Becoming Resilient
It takes courage to create and resilience to keep creating. This 16 week online course is for everyone who desires to lower their stress and live a creative life. It is sponsored by DailyOM. We will email you when your new lesson is available and you will be able to login and read each lesson on-line or print as they become available and listen to the guided visualizations. Your first lesson will be available immediately after you enroll.


Everyday you face challenging situations. Stress has a direct and harmful effect on your health, ability to cognitively function and your spirit. Stress may cost minutes, hours, or years of your life, and it makes living unpleasant. Wouldn't it be fantastic to drive through traffic jams and feel energized? How could you walk away enlightened and inspired the next time you have to wait for your turn in line? It doesn't matter whether you're facing a life threatening crisis or a simple annoyance. When you're engaged in negative situations, your brain releases chemicals that do harm to your body and can affect your mood for hours. The emotional drain from conflict and disappointment can leave you exhausted and impair your immune system.


Discover how you can bounce back from stress and transform everyday challenge into opportunity. With this blueprint you can learn to be more mindful, flexible and capable of mastering change. Practicing the skills in each lesson will help you become more adept at using your resilience, so you can take charge of the bumps in life and improve the quality of how you live. You'll learn you don't have to react to change; you can create the bounce-abilty to take charge. Imagine enjoying your own success and looking forward to life's challenges!

  • Find the confidence and courage to make the best choices.

  • Meet challenge with creativity.

  • Discover how you can gain more bounce-ability.

  • Learn how to prepare for stress.

  • Stop reacting to problems and start creating resilient strategies.

  • Discover your intuition and unleash your resilient spirit.

  • Build a more flexible foundation.

  • Know how to adapt to your circumstance

  • Make the most of any situation.

  • Reinforce your buoyancy and practice your rebound skills.

  • Feel your fear; learn from failure and play to enhance your elasticity.



For more detailed information please feel free to email me direct at


Terms and conditions


"Sandy is an amazing instructor in the art of play. The Playbook she co-created is nothing short of a brilliant composite of fun things to do, achievable for even the most bumbling artist among us! I was able to access the inner part of myself that has so yearned to lighten up. If it could show on a scale, I've lost over 100 lbs!"

-Diantha H.

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